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2010 Home-made Swap

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    I have still got no idea who sent me mine yet. Can someone fess up so I can thank you properly;)


    oooh!!! I think I know who my swap buddy was…MandyBris was it you who sent my yummy parcel????

    Photo’s tomorrow after I recharge the camera…..

    Lizzy 😀


    Was rather excited my swap arrived today… hmmm not entirely sure who Vic is but they is from Maryborough…hmmm boy wrangler???

    Love it all :hug: :hug: :hug:

    The scarf is just what I need too….. never had chai either so I’m looking forward to that as well….

    Hope the pic works


    We have such lovely generous clever clog on als and what an interesting variety of pressies there are. :clap::clap::clap:

    :hug::hug::hug:zez to those still awaiting their pressies, do hope they all arrive safely and you are not kept in ‘suspenders’ for too much longer.


    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    yep Lynnie, tis me!

    I’ve just noticed you have a blog and a new baby! If I had done my research properly I’d have made you’re little bundle a pair of shorties or something! Next time!


    Vic, the scarf is perfect… love it…. and I hadn’t even made myself one this year…. You must have read my mind :hug:


    THANK YOU Kai’s Mummy (??) for my amazing swap presents – 3 fabric covered notebooks. They are amazing and look so professional and sleek – how did you manage that?! I’m very impressed:clap::clap::clap:

    They are gorgeous and will be put to good use almost immediately.

    My favourite is the one with the laundry theme as I’ve been saying to myself for some time that I should have a recipe book for all my home made cleaners and household things…and now I do

    Thank you thank you :kiss::hug: – and also I’m sorry that you went to the trouble of posting express and that it turned up the day after the last day I checked (always the way!) and I couldn’t get there again until today. 🙁

    I have been racing around the house trying to find my camera but it’s gone walkabout, so you will just have to take my word for how great they are until I can find it 😆


    went to the po today and nothing :(:( ,,,still waiting i hope


    Lavman was it you who sent my swap?


    Yep twas me, was it the hint on BlueWren’s thread “OK. No mandala chook system… ” I read your reply and thought you didn’t get it, then found this.


    I got the hint but thought I’d pop my guess here. How tall does the arrowroot grow Lavman? The Yacon I know and the turmeric needs to stay in a pot here if I want it to survive but not sure about this one.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    OK. Time to start chasing.

    Please PM me if you HAVEN’T received a swap yet,

    PM me if you haven’t SENT a swap yet


    My swap partner hasn’t posted in this thread since the 15th so I hope it has arrived in the mean time:shrug:


    Hi Kerrie, we threw some small reject pieces of arrowroot in the mulch heap in the corner of the garden which refused to lay down and die, it grew to well over two metres tall before sending out a flower, however most of ours grows to about one and a half metres.

    Interestingly the large plants didn’t produce as much root as the cultivated plants, too much nitrogen me thinks.

    The yacon likes lots of manure and water and I find that they don’t have much flavour until they get frosted.


    I sent mine on the following Monday after the swap deadline – my swap buddy hasn’t posted here for ages so she’s probably received it – just haven’t heard anything.

Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 374 total)
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