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2010 Home-made Swap

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    Judi BJudi B

    Went to town today and there was a nice little surprise waiting for me :clap:

    I got a beautiful crochet beanie/cap and some fat quarters. I like the cap but my pet bird has his own ideas on it:lol:

    I’m guessing my swap buddy was smiffy…. otherwise I have no idea:confused:

    Thank you :hug:


    I came home to my parcel today 😀 I got a lovely knitted coathanger and some gardeners soap that smells divine! Thanks swap buddy. Now to work out who it was

    Kais MummyKais Mummy

    Hmmmmm,my swap buddy is alive and well,she just needs to collect her mail sometime soon!!!!

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Perhaps she hasn’t got a card in her mail box. Hopefully it won’t be returned to you, Kais Mummy.


    to all those waiting for people to pick up from the post office box ;)some of us country folk (like me) don’t have post offices that open on the weekends so sometimes a combination of illness and then being at work 45km away from the post office means it can take a few days to get there to pick up an item. Particularly as items have a knack of turning up the day after the last time you went in to town specially to check 😆 They DO get picked up eventually:D. My PO at least assures me they keep regular things for several months at least – it’s the sign for stuff they send back after 2 weeks.


    Yes it was me Judi B ….I know the beanie was a bit Bright …lol


    I received my parcel today all the way from Fremantle. It has some gorgeous home made soaps and a huge packet of bath salts. My parcel smelt divine before I even opened it, wonder what the postie thought?

    I love it and am guessing it was Erthgirl. :hug::hug::hug::hug::tup:


    I’m still waiting. The suspense is KILLING ME!!! :confused:

    Shangri LaShangri La

    Lady B. I thought it might have been a remote control holder but the opening for padded bit that an arm chair arm would fit through is parallel to the ends if that makes sense so it can’t be.

    Confusingly still confused


    I’m looking forward to going to the Post Office to see if I have a parcel tomorrow…I’ve arrived safely home from Sunny Brisbane to Cloudy and cold Tassie (just the way I like it)!!!

    Lizzy 😀


    Hmmm mine was posted over a week ago and should really be at its destination by now:shrug:

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    I posted mine today so hopefully it won’t take too long to reach it’s destination. It doesn’t have too far to travel.

    I’m still waiting for mine to arrive!


    Yay Kasalia… it was me. :hug:

    Glad you liked it… the package was meant to include a bamboo/cotton facewasher as well, but if I waited to finish it… you’d more than likely be waiting for months! 😆

    So if you receive a random facewasher in the mail one day… you know where it came from :shy:

    Enjoy :hug:


    I sent mine off before the deadline but seems no one has claimed it yet?


    My parcel has arrived and it is beautiful!!!! A gorgeous little tote bag, some handspun wool and some hadn-dyed patchwork squares!!!!

    I’m so delighted…..

    I’ll pop back on with a guess on who my swapper was 😀 after my 2nd hand Savo’s lounge gets delivered into the house…..

    Lizzy 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 374 total)
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