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2010 Home-made Swap

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    Lady B wrote:

    Ay, ’twere me.

    The girl at the post office in Myrtleford cracked up when she saw the parcel addressed to “Crazy Bucket Lady”. She wanted to know how you’d got that nickname and I had to confess I didn’t know. Now she thinks I’m weird!

    😆 Oh dear….

    The name originated from my dh who has watched me for a few years bucket water out of the bath, carry it through the kitchen and tip it into the washing machine (when we had a top loader). Team that with mismatching comfy house clothes (very attractive) and the occasional muttering to self about all the things that need doing (doesn’t everyone??) and so I was christened.

    Thank you so very much for your gifts Lady B. :hug:


    Crazy Bucjet lady, I was once Lady B’s swappee, and I have to tell you, her home made preserves are YUMMY!!


    I got mine :metal:

    Will post piccies when I get a chance.

    Now have to do some detective work

    It should not be too hard, I simply have to find somebody with a sense of humour – that narrowed it down heaps :geek:

    …who also lives in SA

    …and is somewhat cheeky

    OMG I think I may be my own swap buddy :jawdrop:

    Clouseau-ingly yours

    Doc 😉


    chrisk wrote:

    I received my parcel too. Some knitted saucepan handle holders, a green stone bracelet and a beaded light catcher. The colours in the holders are beautiful shades of purple and they are made from thick home spun wool. Thank you SB for your thoughtfulness and efforts. I think you may be Mossy?

    You guessed right 😀

    I have to confess though, I didn’t spin the wool. I bought it from the op shop I volunteer in. Lots of people often donate their crafts so I’m guessing it was home spun, it had that look about it anyways 🙂

    I have to thank you too! Making your pressie made me sit down and practice my knitting skills.


    ooooo…..mine arrived yesterday as well…..i got a lovely knitted dishcloth/facecloth, plus some bags with aussie aussie on the ties….i’m assumming they are for in place of plastic bags, but beyond that i’m not sure….yet!. thank you so much for going with my reusable request.:hug:

    now to figure it out…someone from SA…i will have to get my sherlock holmes hat out and see if i can work it out.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Anja wrote:

    Crazy Bucjet lady, I was once Lady B’s swappee, and I have to tell you, her home made preserves are YUMMY!!

    Thank you, Anja. :shy: :kiss:


    Okkkkkk maybe not redhen… Darls are you my swap buddy??


    Bobbee wrote:

    Anyhoo Margo is from N E Vic and I know she lurves dried mango so I wonder if she dries stuff for herself also. Dunno if’n Margo knits though.

    But I’ll try Margo, are you my swap buddy Margo?

    Got it 😀 glad it arrived and you like it! I am learning to knit, but am only at the dishcloth stage 😆

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet but I’m not too concerned, I haven’t even posted mine off yet! Karma is ensuring that mine doesn’t arrive until I’m more organised! Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow, but two sick kids aren’t giving me much time. As I type the 14 month old is standing at my lap whinging. Oh, the joys!


    Anja wrote:

    Crazy Bucjet lady, I was once Lady B’s swappee, and I have to tell you, her home made preserves are YUMMY!!

    Anja, I know – the only thing we haven’t tried yet is the jam. The plum sauce was amazing with pork ribs – I think hubby had the majority, he loved it! The pickles are lovely – even 15yo dd commented on them – and that’s saying something!


    Miss Lolly, thank you very much for the dish cloths (great colours) and for the lovely notebook :kiss: :hug::kiss::hug::kiss:

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Cant wait to get home to see if I have a surprise:o been away dont get home till wednesday


    I need to do a wee bit of grovelling…I haven’t posted my swap yet…Part One will be posted in about 20mins and the other part will be posted on Friday…

    The other half of my swap requires a sewing machine, my mum has one, but I’m not keen on sewing on a rickety card table (she’s between dining suites at the moment) that has trouble supporting my laptop…:lol:

    I haven’t recieved my swap yet for a very good reason…I’ve been in Brisbane visiting my Mum since the 3rd May. This explains the lateness of my swap and a lack of contact with you all. I won’t be home for another 2 days and I will let you know if my swap has arrived 🙂

    Hope my swappee likes her gift…Let me put it this way…Brisbane is far, far closer to her home than my home is…:)

    Thanks for your patience everyone 😀

    Lizzy 😀


    Margo said:

    Got it [Smile] glad it arrived and you like it! I am learning to knit, but am only at the dishcloth stage [Laughing]

    You knit beautifully Margo, well done. AND with a PATTERN our dishes will faint with surprise, I am lazy and use garter stitch and haven’t anywhere near enough dishcloths or face cloths so yours are much appreciated. Thankyou. Your choice of colour is spot on for me too, clever girl. :clap::clap::clap: :tup::tup:

    The dried pear is delicious, the chillies I will use with great caution as they look dangerously hot :lol::lol: The blackcurrant jelly I mentioned earlier is, of course, redcurrant jelly. Haven’t tried it yet but again it is one of my favourites and I get it only rarely. Aren’t you clever!



    You are most welcome Jaymes.. I hope you enjoy them and I’m sorry they were late.. :hug: :kiss:

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 374 total)
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