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109 acres just over 2 hours from Sydney with a new loft house

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    This is an advance notice as we’ll be listing the property soon with a Singleton real estate agent.

    But I thought some of you ALS folk may be interested in the property. My husband and I bought the 109 acres in 2007 and built a 1 bedroom loft house (the loft can probably be split into two further bedrooms if required)

    The property is in Howes Valley which is just over an hour out of Windsor and about 40 minutes from Singleton and is considered to be in the south western corner of the Hunter Valley. There is actually a vineyard ‘across’ the road.

    We haven’t done much clearing and it’s really just around the house which has been cleared for hazard reduction.

    It’s off grid and uses solar power for electricity, LPG gas for hot water and cooking (stove only), there is a Nectre’s bakers oven for cooking and heating in winter (or whenever you can cope with the heat!). The black and grey water goes into a worm farm waste water system and it takes any organic matter as well.

    We love the place but just haven’t managed to break away from the rat race to make it a full time thing so it’s time for us to let someone else enjoy it. I always had visions of it becoming a permaculture type place where we would have worm wicking beds, a fruit orchard and be relatively self sustainable.

    EDIT: we’re looking for something less than $390k and are getting guidance from a real estate agent now so offers will be considered if you are interested

    Some pics

    I love the Nectre Bakers Oven and cook roasts, cakes, bread and pizza! On top I almost always have a kettle on

    the house is council approved and the cladding was chosen due to the bush fire zone rating

    we built the two paths out of rock from around the property

    view from the south side of the property

    interior shot of lounge area

    We just put this firepit in which is great for get togethers


    It’s in Howes Valley which is near Putty (if that helps!)

    There is a dam near the house (if you’re a city slicker like me it’s a earth ‘pond’ 🙂 ) and only a creek on the property after a LOT of rain.

    PM me if you want more info.


    We’ve just bought a place and hubby says no more, but I just want to say that this is a beautiful property and someone will fall in love with is so easily!


    It’s now listed for sale with an agent

    Domain ad here


    It looks lovely 😉 I am sure you will get a buyer soon. I LOVE that oven!


    What a beautiful house. Can I ask what the BAL was rated at?


    Sorry this is such a late response (I never got the email notification or it got lost 🙂 )

    it’s the highest BAL rating unfortunately but we had it all cleared for this purpose.

    The house is still for sale… it’s getting to the point I’m thinking we should just hang on to it and rent it out or do something else with it. The problem is that it’s another property we need to worry about. Still we’re enjoying whilst we own it and go up every other weekend to listen to the cicadas and enjoy the peace and quiet.


    I love the oven too 🙂


    Hi all

    The house is still for sale… it’s gorgeous. We still love it… but it needs to move onto to a pair of safe hands. If you can think of anyone who may be interested please let them know. We need the funds so we can build our dream semi sustainable home in the burbs of Sydney so we can be close to family.

    Thanks 🙂


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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