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100 Items to Disappear First in an Emergency

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    Le Loup

    narelleh post=322205 wrote: after having been thru a few emergency situations in the last few yrs – i have found that the first few things to dissappear in such an event is slightly different to those listed

    In no particular order I have found the following dissappear very fast:

    batteries; candles; fresh milk; bread; fresh vegetables; fresh fruit; UHT and powdered milks; fresh meat; loo paper; gases (butane or LPG) and fuels; jerry cans;generators; dairy products and fresh products; frozen products; basic tinned products

    I have a loo paper fetish so always make sure a have a whole pile of that and normally in an emergency we manage ok cos I am aware of the shortages and stockpile earlier

    We found ourselves caught short with jerry cans earlier this year tho :blink:

    We have that sort of thing covered. I agree on the toilet paper issue, I keep a good stock of that! I don’t think there is anything that we can not handle if we have to, we have been off the grid for 30 years or more, survived cyclone Tracey in 74 and lived over 20 years without power. But I do treasure those toilet rolls!

    Regards. :tup:

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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