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$10 Peastraw Bales, Melb

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    it’s all good..

    Red DragonRed Dragon

    I can’t get them from Kew atm (see previous post when I suggested we have the bales delivered here as a lot of people around here wanted them). I’m also not all that impressed with the price going up and you not asking if we still want them before ordering them at the higher price.

    I will take my 5 this time, but I will need to wait until the neighbours trailer comes back from up country or I can borrow another mate’s trailer in January.


    I can deliver them early in Jan,, Once I get the ute back..

    I was ordering the bales regardless of how many people wanted, and I also though that $1.50 really want’ much of an increase to be to concerned about.. $10 a bale is still a hell of lot cheaper than anywhere else in Melboure..

    Any Melbourne members who would like some bales of Pea Straw, I still have a few left. Just send me through a PM ..


    Nice to meet you today Wendy.. Amazing what you can fit in to a hatch back 🙂 Enjoy the corn seeds as well 🙂

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hey Dan, do you have any pea straw left ?


    yeah mate..


    Oh sorry…I’d forgotten I’d put my name down for 8 early on and I haven’t been following the thread. I’m really really sorry – i’m awfully forgetful these days. Do you still have some – I’m still really keen for a bunch of bales – up to 8 though that’ll be at least 3 trips in my subaru wagon (maybe more if i have to have my toddler along).

    Its such a great bargain and I bet my son will love a new “climbing gym”. I can pick up on the weekend or send my hubby out.




    yup all good , have sent you a PM

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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