making the big supermarkets go broke

saving money I was reading an artical, on how a woman in Tassie, decided not to shop at Woolies. It was called making Woolies go Bust. I have to be careful, having a son, who is a manager there.
So when yesterday, I found a shop in the southern areas of Adelaide, who sells all products like dried fruits, cereals, flours, nuts etc. at a price half of what is in the supermarkets. Without having to go to the central market, I thought it would be good for everyone, to put in places for everyone to go to, but remember distance for some.
Next door to this shop was a pet bulk store and up the road was a place to get things for cleaning, toilet paper and shampoos etc.
It is on O Sullivans Beach Road, Reynella SA. Down towards the highway area, on the left if coming up.
For us it is worth the trip down, with the car as it's 45mins drive away from our home.
I do a lot for myself but this place has none chemical dried fruit, since the drought a lot of fruit just isn't around that I use.
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