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    I have recently heard of something called ‘orgonite’ and would like to find someone in Australia who makes it.

    I have read a little about orgonite and seen some truly dodgy seed and plant growing experiments that people have done trying to prove it works. If you are going to do an experiment you may as well do it properly, so I would like to do a few proper experiments to see if this does or does not work, as well as to see where and how it works.

    I would like to find someone who makes orgonite and get them to send me some for experimental purposes. I would like them to send me one orgonite block and a similar size/shape block of resin. If possible they would both be covered in paper and labelled A and B or something. From there I would like to do some plant growing experiments to see if orgonite makes any noticeable difference. I have a bunch of different experiments in mind that I would love to do. I would not know which is which until after the experiment, making it a far more reliable test as any bias I have would be removed.

    I need to orgonite maker to explain to me how to use it properly (bury in a pot of soil, sit it on soil surface, how far from plants etc). I would gladly explain my proposed tests to the orgonite maker, give the maker a chance to explain the results to me, as well as photograph and write up the results on my blog. The orgonite maker would be allowed to use my photographs if they wished.

    I have tried to contact a few companies who sell orgonite to ask if they are interested but so far none have replied. Perhaps they are busy, or perhaps they are re-sellers who know little of orgonite, or perhaps they think I am a scammer, or maybe some other explanation I have not thought of?

    So if you know someone who makes orgonite who would like to help, or if you make orgonite, please let me know!

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    Sorry I can’t help you,I had never heard of it so had to ask google. I would like to know how you get on though.

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