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Best products to save energy

I just go hit with a massive energy bill and i am looking for ways to cut my energy bills, looking for tips please.


  • LioraLiora Yarra Valley
    What do you think caused your spike? We generally use 3-4 kWh a day, all new appliances, as in less than 4years old, put if I'd had a spike I'd order a readout from the electricity provider, which looks like a crazy mess of incoherent numbers... But it would give a clue to the time of day the increase occurred, obviously try to arrow it down to a specific activity or appliance.
  • Has anything changed ?.....................I have solar PV and Solar Hot water,LED lights everywhere,all appliances have the highest energy ratings,I also have powerboards with a switch on TV and computers so I can turn them off and not have them on stand by......My power bill is about $200 a quarter ,,,,but I have 4 fridges and a deep freezer going
  • Julie79. You haven't provided any detail. Is this a one off or are all your bills high. And what is high? Do you mean electricity or gas? I assume electricity. There are a lot of measures you can take but it really depends upon what base you are moving from. Is it 5 kWHr per day (in which case you are going to need to really examine every small saving) or is it 50 kWHr per day in which case a few 'simple' measures could halve your usage. Answers to some questions such as do you use electricity or gas for hot water; is your home insulated; what sort of appliances do you use regularly etc, would be useful. Andrew
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