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What are your thoughts on the 'flu shot'?

There is a big push at work at the moment to get the flu shot. Most people there are completely for getting it. So what are your thoughts about getting the flu shot each year? Do you think that people should get it? I have done some research and topics such as becoming asymptomatic carriers and the 'flu shot paradox' keep getting mentioned in medical journals, so have come to the opinion that people who are not immune compromised should not be getting the flu shot each year.


  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    Because of allergies and the effect it can have on old polio survivors I can not have it ever, strangely enough I have never had the flu. DH has it injection each year but he has had the flu. So I guess it is pot luck.
  • Ive never had it and rarely get the flu maybe when I get older I might start getting it ?
  • Hubby gets it every year now as he has an immune system problem and a lung condition and always suffered badly with the flu would be bed ridden for about 3weeks, I didn't get the flu often but I get the flu shot now.
  • calliecatcalliecat south burnett QLD
    edited April 9
    wont have one don't want those chemicals in my system, you read about all kinds of things that are in it, and true or not I don't want to find out, I'm already restricted on things due to chemical poisoning, and everyone I know always gets sick after having one, I don't need or have to go or be anywhere at any time so if I get a cold I stay home, but I wont have one
  • AlisonCAlisonC Sunshine Coast
    I won't have it either. For much the same reasons as calliecat. Don't need it. Rarely get a cold. Prefer to let my immune system fight its own battles. But I would consider it if my immune system was compromised. Or I would just stay home even more than I already do.
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