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A nice thing

About a year and a half ago my daughter did the most amazing thing. My daughter was almost 4 years old and was really well behaved so was taken to a cafe as a reward. She was feeling very grown up. She noticed one particular stranger and asked if we could pay for their coffee. Money was tight and it is kind of weird to pay for a stranger's coffee so we tried to persuade her not to. There was no convincing her otherwise, she told me that "we have to". She tends to like elderly people so we suggested that we pay for the coffee that two old people were having. That would have felt less weird and been a bit more socially acceptable. The answer was a definite no. Being so young she was not able to put this into words properly, but she was convinced that we had to pay for that particular person's coffee and cake. Why, "because we have to" and "because they need it". My daughter was also insistent that we didn't tell them and did it as a surprise. Again she could not tell us why, only that "we have to". So we did. We payed for a complete stranger's coffee as we left. Hopefully the cafe did the right thing and did not just pocket the money after we left, but I will never know. A reasonable amount of time has since passed, and we have since moved out of that town, so I figure I can now tell people about this without fear of being found out and ruining the 'surprise'. What a great thing for a child to do, helping someone for no reason other than they thought the stranger needed help.


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