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Rutherglen Bugs on Potato Crop

Hi everyone, we need all the help we can get, Rutherglen Bugs have invaded our Potato Crop of about 1/2 acre, we have been growing organic Spuds for the last 4 years and never had a problem like that, primarily the weak plants are affected, I had them attacking my kohlrabi,cabbages and radish, some also on peas but not as many....(vegi garden is about 500 meters away from the potato patch)
I have used pyrethrum, pest oil separate and combined with soapflakes and a little borax to NO AVAIL !!!
We did call the Bugs for Bugs mob to see if there is a predator that we can use against the blighters there is nothing out there except insecticide that we are definitely not going to use.....
We don't have any chooks or other birds that could help to keep the bad insects at bay, that might be a start?
Any idea what to do?
Thank you for reading this!!


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