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Could this be done?

The place I've just moved into has many glass sheets in the garage stacked in a corner just the right size to top a styrofoam box. I've already made a couple of mini hothouses to start seedlings in this cold spring weather.
Just wondering if there's some way to use the same setup to dehydrate fruit and veg? Anyone done this or have ideas how best to do it? Mediterranean climate so not the humidity probs like NT & QLD where I used to live. Thanks


  • There are plans for solar dehydrators on the net just google it.,,,you need to heat up the air and then have it move to remove the humidity...I used to dry stuff on a flyscreen attached to a washing line with a fly screen cover to keep bugs off .

  • foodiefoodie Yass NSW
    Humidity is still the challenge with drying food. I also am in a low humidity zone over summer, but with harvest time typically march/April is when I'm drying fruit, and random overcast days can spoil ones drying. I've resorted to my Ezidry which makes the exercise a lot easier with being thermostatically controlled. We're on solar with battery backup, so its much closer to a brain-dead function than dealing with passive solar driers where you have to rotate the trays constantly and watch the temperature.
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