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"Aquaponics 4 you" is a scam!!!

Just a warning that "aquaponics 4 you" is a scam and should be avoided.

Recently I have found that much of the content  my wife's blog (as well as pages from other people's blogs) had been copied word for word and including pictures onto in an attempt to try and get people to click on the only ad which happens to be for "aquaponics 4 you".  They even copied a post about the birth of my first daughter!

I tried to leave a message asking that my content be removed but it will not show until it gets moderated, in other words they will probably delete my comment and ignore it.  If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to get my blog content removed please let me knw.

After a quick google search I have found that 'aquaponics 4 you' is known for this kind of thing and are out to scam people.  

Be careful, there are thieves everywhere!


  • Hi Snags.  The funny thing is that forum you have linked to even has a thread a few years old about 'aquaponics 4 you' being a scam.  Everyone who commented there agreed.  Anyone who does any internet research before buying anything can clearly see that this company is criminal, all of their reviews are word for word the same!

    I found my blog pages on eight different spam blogs, all set up by 'aquaponics 4 you'.  To be honest I have gone past the point where I care what these criminals are doing and simply want them to remove my content from their spam blogs. 

    I have reported all 8 of the spam blogs to blogger, I hope they delete them all and that is the end of this.  It is rather disconcerting finding 8 different spam blogs with a post about the birth of my first daughter!

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