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Looking for some advice on using the Fowler natural preserver


I've just taken receipt of my new preserver, and have kicked off making some preserved fruit, Passata and tomato pasta sauces. 

That said, I'm a bit confused about how cool to let the jars get before I put them into the preserver. When I made the syrup for the fruit I let it cool off before I filled the jars, as the manual indicates that if you put hot jars into the water it will raise the temperature and it will boil early.  It then says not to leave the fruit out for more than two hours before preserving.

With that in mind, what should I do with hot pasta sauce from the Thermomix?  I took it out and put it into a glass bowl to cool, but it still took about an hour before it was lukewarm, so I then put it in the jars and preserved it.

I'm interested to know about anyone's experiences with this. Should I put the hot sauce in the jar and let it cool until I can handle the jar, or should I let it cool completely.  I'm still putting some lemon juice in each pasta bottle as its predominantly tomato, so I'm assuming that's the safe thing to do.

Thanks very much,




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