Living Simply in town?

I am looking for some ideas.

I have been living on acreage for a while now, we grew a lot of our vegetables, almost all of our meat, and all of our eggs.  We sold the property and I am looking to buy a house in town now and notice that very few have any yard.  Some have yards, but some joker has destroyed it by paving or concreting it.  How do people grow any food?  I find it very disheartening.  Depending on where we end up buying I may try to se if there is a community garden somewhere that will rent me a plot of land to grow some vegetables.

So I guess my question is one of how can I live reasonably simply and self sufficiently in town?  I know that these are relative terms and we will never produce as much as I used to, but I would like to do what I can.  I am open to hearing your ideas.


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