What did you do today?

Most years we aim from Mothers day to Fathers day to light our Nectre Bakers oven, and prior to that our AGA, true to the cold weather the day before Mothers day I lit the fire, and now sitting by it luxur-i-ate-ting (is that a word) by the warmth of the fire, as even tho we are sub tropical, its 14 degrees so I was cold. I know if you live in Tasmania thats probably laughable, but to me its bliss.

I have been working hard for the past 6 weeks,as having been away from home 6 months have had a great deal to do, but thats another story. So wine In hand , cheers to the arrival Winter, I love it.



  • SteveSteve SE Qld
    I went to the Boonah State High School's 50th Anniversary celebrations today. I was in the class of '82 so it was good to see some old faces.
    Then this afternoon I wandered around the garden with a pair of secateurs in my hand. I did a bit of nipping and tucking, good therapy.
  • SteveSteve SE Qld
    It was the model train show in Brisbane today so not much happened around the yard today.

    Oh DS and I did fit the new screen door this afternoon. It was only eighteen months after the old one gave up the ghost but you can't rush these things.
  • Picked all the pumpkins today as the frosts had rolled the lot, they should keep us going for awhile :-)

    Also rolled up all the hoses before the weather gets so cold they freeze and burst!

    Still haven't replaced the front screen door here Steve.....................dog wrecked it 2 years ago!

  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast
    Had a great Mothers Day today, box of flowers turned up at 9 while having breaky in the sun, a Bunnings voucher via email , lunch out, followed by a local musical production Anything Goes, featuring Col Porter songs, and afternoon tea at the local RSL. Even better no-one wants dinner, early night in order, after a cup of tea.
  • I got to spend the whole day in the garden ..... weeding and mulching, watching the wildlife and thinking about my granddaughter she was born on Mothers Day in 1994 I think of her quite often wondering how she is (haven't seen her since she was 2).
    I had the phone near me all day waiting for a call from the son but nothing.
  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    I didn't do much, it was blowing a gale here.
  • Exiting day!

    Got a phone call while I was out for the day doing volunteer work that the daughter has gone into labour with princess number 2...................waiting :-)

    Must be getting your wind here today ballamara!

  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    I am glad to see the end of it,   for the minute that is,   now all I ask for is steady soaking rain.
  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast
    The neighbour next door of 3 years,mowed his lawn today.It starts with his edgeing machine, followed by the whipper snipper, then mowed to perfection after which the electric hedge clippers are run over all the shrubs, if they don't comform out you go, bye bye frangipani and croton.

    The shrubs are all lined up like soldiers around the perimiter on a neat path of mulch. While out the back architectual plants grow in straight lines neat and tidy.A knee high hedge grown since moving in, separates an open border, I suspect hiding my garden, as we are downhill.

    On the other hand my garden is straight out of The Good Life. I like to think of it as a Potager but a far cry from the neat organised French Potager. Plants grow where they want to, self seeding, while pots of excess seeds clutter on edges. There is no lawn only the nature strip. Flowers pop up amongst the vegetables,small step over fences made from apple and mulberry tree prunings,separate ginger and lemon grass, accompanied with ornamental birdhouses and rusting spoke wheels.Tubs of seaweed, worm juice and bales of sugar cane complete "the look".

    As best as I can I try to keep it neat, there are Rows of 6, lettuce, broccoli, 50cm rows of carrots, peas and beans climb tee pees and sweet peas climb an arch.

    I think its pretty like a cottage garden and it feeds us.

    We get on as neighbours, both of us hardworking in our gardens, but really neither of us would change.
  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    I am with you Kasalia, my garden is very add hock. I a seed decides to grow then who am I to argue with it. Here where water is a finite resource the only thing that has any senblance  of order is the veggie garden and the roses all around the house.
  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast
    Been painting the verandah roof all day, back and shoulders sore now, glad I had to stop for impending rain. Looks good though very pleased.
  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    Today s  job is helping DH to cut and cart wood. Not my favorite job but it has to be done. 
  • Hello,

    I'm new here, actually I'm new to leaving messages on forums!  So hope this works out for me.  I would like to change my profile name, but can't seem to work out how to do it?  But I am pretty chuffed with myself that I managed to add a profile picture! 

    I tried Facebook for a short while, but it wasn't for me and no longer use it.
    We gave our TV away in 2007 and haven't missed it.
    I would like to get rid of the mobile phone, but it is still with me even though I very rarely use it!
    Sitting in front of our computers is very much apart of our lives, too much and I plan to cut back on my usage - more time in the garden, kitchen or making things.  However, I've spent a good part of this morning looking at some of the blogs mentioned in this forum!

    We started a veggie garden as soon as we moved in here about 3 years ago and this year will see the whole area being used, we have 4 rotational beds for annuals with side beds around the edge for perennial herbs and plants like rhubarb, Jerusalem artichokes, strawberries and out latest acquisition - yakon.  The veggie garden is fenced in with a high fence to grow climbing beans and passion fruit and future climbers on.  I also stick flowers in here and there and the fence helped support the Queen Anne's Lace I grew last year, I'm hoping the seeds that dropped will reseed.

    I spend a lot of time at the Gnarojin Community Garden, and have learnt heaps from just talking to the older locals that visit the GCG.

    okay, that is enough from me, now lets see if this works?

    cheers for now,
  • SteveSteve SE Qld
    Hello Gillian, welcome to ALS. Sounds like you will fit right in here.
  • Gilian, let me know what you want your  profile name to be and I'll see if I can change it for you.

    Had to go to Wodonga today to pick up another couple of frost valves for our solar hot water system.  Damned things fail every flippin year and at a cost of $154 each (there are 2 of them) it's getting bloody expensive!

    Made moussaka for dinner with the last of the eggplant from this year.  Man, it's good.

    And I'm still editing my novel.  Thought I'd finished, but found a few holes that need patching.  Got hold of a piece of software that reads aloud in a fairly good voice (not sounding like a computer) and that's helped me find so many things I'd missed.  Repeated words; missing words left out; overuse of names etc.  Very worthwhile.

    Had 112 mm of rain in the gauge in the veg garden (several days worth) so won't need to water anything for a while  :)
  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    We only had 15mm, so still no planting out. All my seedlings will have to stay where they are for the time being.
  • I haven't done too much in the garden the past couple of days but DH went up the back paddock and collected the latest crop of floaters (rocks) about 2doz first time in ages he's checked the fences and mown a fire break up there trying to make it 3m wide so a little more mowing and hopefully a few more floaters I use them for garden edging.
    This morning it was a white winter wonderland outside first serious minus temp this winter -4°, I had to wait for the camera to warm up before I could take any photos butook care of some of the weeds and finished off the zuchs.
    I've got to get off and do some weeding so come October I have somewhere to plant my vegies.
  • Dug the last of my post holes for now
    The vineyard,the free standing reo mesh for passion fruits and another for beans and vines,maybe grapes,also 4 metal posts for my shade cloth opera house car port
  • White out here too Judi B and have been making new dog coats as the bitch keeps eating them........................she's only 8 months old so hoping she will grow out of chewing everything in sight.

    Yesterday went fishing and caught my first murry cod, was a good size but have some in the freezer I was given last week so released it to fight another day :-)

  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast
    Lady B can you cover you valve things with something to stop, the frost like fleece. Decided to prune the roses today bit eary, just lit the fire again so love love love sitting by it. Did some more painting of the verandah changing the colour completely. Easy day really resting shoulders from heavy painting days. Back into it tomorrow changing up the floor joists, 35 yrs old now. Getting a bit old to do all this now, when do you think know you are actually retired!!!!!!!!!

    As carer for my dementia mum(dad died Feb) had a few odd days this week, for someone who said 20 yrs ago ( mum now 82) I will never live with you children as long as you take me out once a week, refuses to go anywhere, despite her mum and MIL moving into aged facilities and mum visiting regularly. I dont get it.

  • Did a bit more in the garden today ..... I don't think the weeding will ever end.
    Mulched around the triffids, watered and fertilised them and the brocolli.

  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    Still on wood carting patrol here.
  • Beautiful day here today, so did all the washing.

    And edited, edited, edited. 
  • Yesterday was a bad day I just couldn't get into anything .......... today it is a bit cool outside and it seems everytime I go out it starts to rain nothing heavy just annoying  but it makes it too cold, but I did get and cut some of the dead wood out of the carob, weeded a bit more garden, mulched a bit and put some woodchip on the paths.
  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast
    Had that misty rain most of the day today, went to Spotlight to cash in a $40 voucher to get super expensive material to cover a chair, lowered it by $10 metre so reasonable now.Sewed for the grandchildren, lit the fire again, and relaxing now while dinner cooks on it. Feeling so self sufficient, garden veg, garden wood from a year ago, free warmth. All I need to do now is spin some wool from my cousin in Vic. Alpaca actually, but no, that's pushin' the self sufficient thing a bit tonight.
  • Fine tuned one hole and stood up all the posts after drilling holes in the metal ones for shade sail over the carport
  • KasaliaKasalia Mid North Coast

    Planted carrots, and picked snow peas, carrots, bok choy, broccolli,  cherry tomatoes, basil, for dinner with a new tuna patty recipe that had frozen peas and feta cheese in them. Super delicious even if I do say so myself.

    Half and half rain most of day, chased those blasted bush turkeys, we are now up to 4.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah caught one digging my perpetual leeks.

  • Had a day at home due to a sick child, so got busy with some of my limes. Made lime biscuits, which were yummy and lime cheese cake (mini ones and a full size). Plus marinading some chicken in lime and black pepper to go in the slow cooker for tomorrows dinner.
    Let our new chooks, which are only young out of their small "safe" yard into the bigger chook pen for a run, which they enjoyed, although were found later in the afternoon having a nap back in their safe house, all worn out!
  • Raining today so have been baking biscuits.....................problem is, home baked biscuits are sooooo good and not good for the waistline.
  • They sure are roundthebend2 & quality control is very important!!
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