wicking garden beds - experiment or worthwhile?

edited October 2013 in The Garden Log
I'll be brief... I teach the local primary school about growing vegies once per week. The garden then isn't watered for a week and we're on tank water so irrigation is out of the question. Kids are losing interest and I feel defeated each week when I come and plants are dead. I compost and mulch but beds are in full sun.

Sooo, short of setting up an aquaponics system (which is in process), I want to convert the existing steel growbeds into wicking beds for reasons of ease and cheapness. I've seen many threads of how to do it using sleepers but I'd like to keep the beds we have, but make them more drought proof. Maybe with an inbuilt worm farm too as fertigation.

I've also seen a thread about how these gardens just don't work. Does anyone have opinions before I start digging up the school beds? Also any designs for a steel bed?

Thanks heaps in advance.


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