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I am looking to relocate and not sure if we will stay in Victoria or move to another state. Would like some feedback of what ALS's consider great small town communities. Have just embarked on a Permaculture course (online) and considering finding a more suitable environment but primarily looking for a great community I can embed myself in. Preference to have Health and other services of some description within 10 -20 minutes. Just havent been able to 'gell' with current community and environment, been here 3 years. Employment opportunities within 30-40 minutes would be ideal, but maybe not feasible, Happy to learn about all the wonderful communities out there




  • Hi Jill,

    My hubby and I are thinking of moving to Korrumburra, we like that it is close to Melbourne and has good amenities. A friend suggested that if you are considering moving to a community go to their local agricultural show or whatever event the town has every year. This way you get a good idea of the population, what the popular organisations are etc. good luck with your search.

  • Thanks Janine

    What a good idea- can check out their event pages and gives a good reason to go and visit.

    I know Korrumburra, have been through there recently, it seems to be a town on the move. Would like to move to Gippsland although perhaps a little further east than Korrumburra. (Further away from Melbourne for me) Husband is work is based in the east which is about 3-4 hours from where we are living at the moment, he only has to go there couple of times a month though but he is unsure he will be staying in the job.

    Thanks for the info- will try your suggestion

  • Good luck Jill, our eldest is already 18 with the young ones fast catching her, and having raised them here we don't want to move out so far that it will be a pain to visit us. With one Mum three ours in one direction and the other three hours in the other direction we don't see either of them as much as we'd like. Tarragon is a nice little town, so is Yarragon.

  • Heading to East Gippsland for the weekend to have a look around, have done the south and west of Gippsland. Like Yarragon just dont like where the town is situated on the main highway.

    Going to check out what employment opportunities are around in East Gippy


  • Do you mean Traralgon? I'd look at the smaller outlying communities around these larger towns, there are some nice ones out there. Im from down Leongatha way, the communities are great down this way, depending on what you want to be involved in, there are an abundance of club, groups ect out there. Im biased but South Gippy has good rainfall, great beaches and the scenery is beautiful. Close enough to Melbourne, even for work.
  • AshilleongAshilleong Elsewhere
    Is there any way you could stay/holiday for a week or so to get a feel for the place?
  • Have stayed in a few areas in Gippsland including East & West and looked around the South, now waiting on decisions with hubbys work options before making a definite decision. If I had my way I would have been packed and long gone

  • We live in the Perth hills WA. It is beautiful with great local permaculture group and Freecycle etc. If go further out (or in which ever you view it!) past Childow (follow the Great Eastern) the property is much cheaper. I have also heard that in the South West WA there is a thriving permie community and land down that way also more affordable than Perth metro (which is very high).
  • My parents-in-law live at Meeniyan and were at Koonwarra before that. I believe they're happy with the community, but the constant cold and wet is getting them down. The place is always waterlogged and their plants drown. Something to bear in mind re some of the Gippsland areas....
  • Thanks for suggestions, back from Gippsland found some lovely places however dynamics have changed, hubbys job is changing and my eldest son had a bad car accident while I was away and is home for a while after a break up with the girlfriend. At the moment rain gauge reads about 70mls since the weekend- unusual for here however it would probably be twice that in Gippsland... very wet down there so it was good for me to take a tour in Winter to see how it really is. Search for new location on hold until things sorted with my son and my hubbys job...

    Thanks for all your suggestions, sometimes fate makes the decisions for us

  • Most people like some rain, especially in Victoria, just remember not to buy land thats flat and holds water and floods, simple. South Gippsland doesnt have a long growing season in Summer, but we have the rain to water our gardens, we dont have fruit fly as well.
  • Wow can not believe i posted this 3 years ago. Have been working for 3 years and recently resigned as my goals and plans have been put on hold and want to get back to them. Still in the same town... still looking... still can't find... but Gippsland is off the radar as needs are to be near family..Ballarat and Geelong
  • We  drove around all over Tassie ,most of Victorian coast and then headed up the east coast looking at every little town  on the beach before we settled wasnt a constraint they are all over the place but mainly Vic....there is a small permie presence ...but I have gone a little hermit lately and quite enjoy my own company and the clear air to do stuff....we have down some long trips months at a time its hard to stay connected.....Ive seen my close friends once in 6 months in town and my friends in Melb I see every few years...Different people have different needs.....I was happy with the climate the location and the view,the soil is crap and so are the local shops(who cater to tourists not locals),but its the best place Ive lived.....even though as I get older I start thinking I may need to get off the top off a steep hill in the middle of nowhere or get very very fit for an old person......Im imagining we will move in the next 5 to 10 years(before its too hard) but we will see what unfolds with the world and us and asses and adapt as needed....its going to have to be a pretty good place to replace this one....but needs change
  • Where is 'here' Snags, sounds idyllic... i have travelled very similar roads to you looking for somewhere but hubby's work commitments, and needing to stay within couple of hours of kids and grandkids, and finances has made it hard to find what we want. Perhaps the Utopia i crave does not exist... I too am feeling the pinch of age but think i can still manage a hill or two  :-)..p.s soil is rubbish here too.... clay, waterlogged in winter, rock hard from spring onwards
  • Central Qld  between Bundy and Gladstone
  • LioraLiora Yarra Valley
    I'd have to give a shout out for the yarra valley region. We hadnt been here long and we had people waving g'day very soon. Lots of permie stuff, bee groups, lots of community activities and all close enough to things one need, shops and cultural activities etc. We have wonderful neighbours and friends to share produce between, we have just been given 20 kg of venison, help to start our bees again and numerous cuttings and plants. Our little family love it here. Crazy knitted/crocheted hats the norm ;)
  • ballamaraballamara central victoria
    We are happy here on our hill top. Soil is very ordinary with more rocks than you can poke a stick at but things do grow in it,especially the weeds. :)) As for neighbours we have none, just the way we like it. Inglewood is close enough for coffee and has an IGA/hardware. Oh and op shop for DH
  • All properties sound wonderful, I am in Clunes but considering, wetter and milder climates, hate the heat and after last year a little worried about bush fires. Realistically a fire can happen anywhere though. I finish my job on Friday and after that will do a little research but it does look more and more like we wont be going anywhere. Price values here compared to other locations are making it hard. Hopefully i will fall in love with our property again :-) ... ballamara my property does very well with weeds too... a mammoth job as soon as i give up work I'm afraid... Liora the Yarra Valley is gorgeous and we have looked over that way often but getting through Melbourne to family halted that idea... although it is a stunning location. Snags i have family that moved from Vic to Qld and they say its the best thing they did :-)
  • foodiefoodie Yass NSW
    After 22 years in and around Canberra, we also are on the lookout for more hospitable (climate) country, as well as possibilities of more village oriented neighbours. In all this time I still haven't formed any friendships where I could drop in for a cuppa without formal club events or invitation only get-togethers. Even my immediate neighbours have guard dogs that scare the daylights out of me. Now studying the Permaculture Design Certificate, I'm more driven to find that next address, and my timeline is 12 months. I've already fixed my heart on Mount Gambier ! yes, the town never seems to be on the radar of the hippie movement, but it covers the following criteria. 1/ price - I can buy a small acreage (10->15) with money leftover from selling up here. 2/ sufficiently south to give cool summers and gives the option of growing cool climate trees. Namely apples, walnuts, pome fruit, berries 3/ mild enough to grow citrus without hothouse infrastructures like I have here. Incidentally, its only down the road from Coonawarra, so I figure grapes would be on the agenda too ! 4/ sufficient rain to supply ones needs without irrigation requirements for the entire summer. Is any one else mildly curious about the town?
  • AlisonCAlisonC Sunshine Coast
    It might be worth investigating Maleny on the Blackall Range in SE QLD. But if Victoria is more desirable perhaps Mallacoota is the place to hide. Or if you really want a bolthole there is a little place called Captains Flat that is at the end of a long and winding country road near Queenbeyan in NSW. Just some random thoughts.
  • Hi Foodie, we looked at Portland Victoria... small city just before Mt Gambier on Victorian side. We were all set to sell up and go there however research identified it was a lot busier and commercial than we thought. I am looking for the quiet life. Hubby visits Mt Gambier often in his job and is the ideal climate i think. Alison C... we are bound my hubby's job which is located mostly in Victoria Mallacoota is ideal but doesnt suit Hubbys job.
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