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Up she goes!

After loosing several of our wattles in the east coast low's we've had this year we have had a bit of fun with planning our bonfire this year.

Firstly, we tried to light it about a month ago but we'd had too much rain and the back paddock where the bonfire is located was just too wet.

Then, we tried 2 weeks ago to light it.  Being the upstanding citizens that we are we rang the Rural Fire Service to let them know we were lighting the fire, only to find out that they had started bushfire season a month early and had not advertised it!

So, through the hoops we jumped, across the red tape we travelled and finally, last Thursday we obtained a permit to light the fire.  

Over some camembert cheese, a few glasses of wine and with much tooing and froing from the neighbours property to get a few extra trees (he wasn't able to get a permit to burn off as he has too much melaleuca (tea tree) surrounding his bonfire) we made one of the biggest bonfires we have ever had and up she went!

How the kids love a good bonfire, and some of the big kids too.  We invited some friends over and enjoyed many toasted marshmallows.

Building up the bonfire.  That's a ride on mower with a trailer on the right.
Up she goes!  You can faintly see the outline of the 'big' children on the right side of the bonfire.  That gives you an idea of how large it ended up being.
The white you can see is the ash falling back down.  It has covered everything even our cars which were parked at least 200m away.  The fire was huge!
The last flickering embers. 


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